Friday, March 22, 2013

Nighttime Black Hole

This week has disappeared on me--most likely in a sleepy haze.  I've been trying to get to bed by midnight, and around 10pm every night, I always feel good about my bedtime prospects.  I don't know what happens after that, because it's been more like 1am before I fall into bed in an exhausted stupor!  Last night, Dan was watching one of his DVR'd shows (Through the Wormhole, the Morgan Freeman hosted shows on the Science Channel), and he fell asleep while watching it--I swear, I learn more from those shows than he does, because even though I'm not watching with him, I am at least awake until the end and hear it all!  And then when Dan watches it again another night (you know, because he fell asleep the first time), I get the joy of hearing it all over again.  This could happen up to 4 times for a single show, because he can't manage to stay awake.  Once on a fourth showing, I was quoting the episode to make the point that I'd heard it a thousand times already--and I don't even like those shows!  It should be me falling asleep because they are so boring, not the guy who DVR'd them in the first place.  Anyway, back to last night--Dan fell asleep, and when the show ended, the TV automatically went to the last channel it was on and started playing that show...which happened to be a really old episode of Friends (and I mean really old--Rachel had just left Barry at the altar).  I had laundry to fold, so I sat down in front of the TV with my laundry baskets and got to work while being amused by the early Friend antics.  It was only 11pm, after all, and I deserve some entertainment while I finish up my chores, right?  Well, whatever channel I was watching apparently does a Friends marathon at night, so one episode slid unnoticed into another, until it was 12:30am!  I feel like I'm usually very efficient during the day, but at night, some weird alternate-time universe takes over my brain and I lose all concept of time.  Sometimes I just can't believe that I sacrifice wonderful, amazing, sought-after, beautiful sleep for things like old episodes of Friends, or refreshing the MSN homepage, or balancing our checkbook.  Seriously--what is my problem?

my nighttime curse

(I thought Dan would appreciate the title of this blog--not only do I spend countless hours listening to his shows about phenomena like black holes, but my evenings turn into black holes that suck me in and force me to lose hours!)  The only good thing that came out of last night was that I managed not to eat anything after the kids went to bed--I was toying with the idea of cutting up some strawberries and dipping them in chocolate, but we called Dan's parents and didn't get off the phone with them until around 9:30pm...and I really try not to eat anything that late.  It was a battle--I was still fixated on the idea of making the snack around 11pm, but I held strong and didn't eat anything.  The long hours at night really make it hard not to snack on junk!  And now I'm tired today--it's Friday, and I tend to be tired on Fridays no matter what I do.  The weeks are just long and wearing--by Friday, I'm ready to take it easy!  Of course, I have to vacuum the house and have enough energy for a Zumba class tonight--so no taking it easy for me today.  I'm looking forward to this weekend, though, because I get to have a girls' day with my awesome friend Brynne tomorrow!  We haven't gotten together without our kids in way too long (I don't even want to figure out how long it's been, because that will depress me), so this is a huge treat.  I can't wait to have some fun, laugh, catch up, most likely eat stuff I shouldn't, most likely stay up and out too late, and basically have a great time with the girl I've been giggling with since I was 4 years old.  :)  Hooray for a girls' days!!  Thank you to our husbands for giving us some time off from our jobs!  ;)

this is so going to be us--right, Brynne?

It's going to be a great end to a weird week--I think my sleepiness has thrown off my mood.  Plus, my Wednesday Zumba class, which I normally love, was a total bust...the substitute who doesn't teach very well was there instead of our regular teacher, so my friend and I skipped out after 15 minutes and walked around the track outside the gym instead.  We walked 2 miles, but it's not the same as a good Zumba class!  I know we're having a sub in tonight's Zumba class, too...and I really, really hope it's not that girl again.  She's sweet, but her class is a mess--and I need a good workout tonight to make up for whatever I eat tomorrow!  I hope you all have a good weekend, and wish me luck not blowing all my efforts this week in one day!  :)

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