Monday, June 10, 2013

Week of Binging

The end-of-the-school-year/two-June-birthdays crush is upon me...and I'm not doing a great job keeping up!  I'm sorry I was MIA at the end of last week--it was a little crazy.  After my not-so-great day on Monday, I really tried to be more patient with the kids on Tuesday--and I even got to make my messed up crock pot meal from the night before, so the day was definitely a lot smoother than Monday.  To improve my mood and make Tuesday a success, I binged on M&M's (totally ignoring my sign) and pretzels...not exactly my best effort that day food-wise.  The temporary high of chocolate worked, but then I actually felt sick Tuesday night...I'm not sure if it was more emotional than physical--I was so angry at myself for eating so much.  It's a really fine line--I want to cut myself some slack for those not-so-stellar food days, but I feel gross in so many ways when I binge on junk.  I woke up with new resolve on Wednesday, and really stuck well to my food plan that day...not sure I could make up for the damage done on Tuesday, but I was at least trying and not just giving up!  I rushed around on Thursday, trying to prep the house for the weekend's festivities (Abby's dance recital and Alex's 3rd birthday party!)--my mom arrived Thursday afternoon to help me with Abby's dress rehearsal that evening and then stay overnight to help with the cake and party prep.  I did well food-wise on Thursday as well--trying to put my binge far behind me, but also knowing that I had a lot of cake and icing in my future!  Friday was pretty much all cake decorating for me--some cleaning, but mostly eating icing and spending hours with the piping bag in front of Alex's cake.  I ate WAY too much icing...always happens.  Saturday was a whirlwind of dance and party--I will hopefully get a few posts up later this week with the cake pictures and more details about the weekend!  Here's a look at how I did with my calories and sugar intake last week...not good:

M&Ms and birthday party food...high in calories!

yeah, it was ugly

At least I got in my exercise last week to counterbalance the horrible eating.  Wednesday evening was my last evening Zumba class--my regular instructor had already stopped teaching the week before, so we had a new instructor.  She happened to be the same instructor that I've had a few times when I've attended the Friday afternoon class, and she's really good--she has a lot of enthusiasm and energy, and I was happy to at least be somewhat familiar with her routines!  I missed my old Wednesday instructor, though--I guess one nice thing about the military life is that people are constantly moving...not just me.  I'm sad to be done with my aerobics classes here due to our "move" to Dan's new job and schedule, but at least my favorite instructor already moved--knowing that I was missing her class would have been harder on me!  I also snuck out on the cake decorating for a little bit to attend the afternoon Zumba class on Friday, too, because it was my very last day of this aerobics session, and I didn't want to miss it.  It was bittersweet--the last 20 weeks in those classes have really changed my health so much, and I'm so grateful for the experience, and so nervous about the weeks going forward without those classes.  It will be nice not to have the evening crush of trying to get to those classes right at dinnertime, but I will miss that time to myself, and of course, the massive calorie burn!  Now to the task of figuring out how to replace those classes...

So, you're probably wondering if I gained 3 or 5 pounds last week, right?  I was, too, when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning--I was pretty nervous considering my caloric intake all week, and my general bad feeling about myself because of that.  I was shocked when I read the number on the scale--134 pounds, for a loss of 1.2 pounds last week!  Only 6 more pounds to my goal weight--29 pounds down!  I don't understand it, since the previous few weeks I had been so good about my food and my exercise and lost so little each week, and then I totally jumped into a vat of fattening foods last week and lost so much.  Maybe my body just needs those crazy weeks to jump start my metabolism again--or maybe last week will come back to haunt me in my weigh-in this week...I just don't know.  This week is less busy, so I'm hopeful that I can stay on track with my food a little better and get some exercise in as well--and manage to post a few blogs about the fun we had this weekend!

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