Monday, May 13, 2013

Changing Things Up

I almost started writing this entry on Saturday evening...even though the topic is my weigh-in that happened Sunday morning.  That's how sure I was that my week last week was not a good effort, and I was going to write about all my pitfalls and where I could have done much better...and then just add the scale information in on Sunday after my thoughts were confirmed.  Well, I didn't have time to write on Saturday, and the scale surprised me yesterday morning!  After what felt like a totally crazy week last week, I weighed in on Sunday at 136.8 pounds--a loss of 1.4 pounds, bringing my total weight loss since January 14th to 26.6 pounds!  I love surprises like that--it was a great way to start off my Mother's Day!

so lucky to be their mommy!  :)

I felt like I couldn't catch up last week--after my totally crazy weekend with the Thomas outing and Kings Dominion, I was exhausted on Monday, but I couldn't slow down.  I was supposed to get up early on Monday morning and try out that spin class I've been dreading--yeah, that didn't happen...  I just couldn't will myself to get up when I was so rundown already, and it doesn't help that I'm really nervous about trying the class out.  Monday did not feel like the day to step way out of my comfort zone, but I was kicking myself later in the day--the whole reason I was supposed to get up and go to spin was because I needed to skip my regular step class on Monday evening.  I needed to get my exercise in somewhere...and once the morning was gone, I was scrambling to figure out where.  This is the first week since I started these aerobics classes that I've intentionally missed a class--I've had perfect attendance for 15 weeks!  It felt a little like playing hookey--I felt guilty but also free.  I planned to miss the step class because a local restaurant was hosting a mother-son date night, and I signed up for Jake and me to have a night out together--I hardly ever get one-on-one time with the boys, so I wanted to take advantage of a great opportunity.  The only seating times were mid-step I chose to spend time with my boy and skip my class.  Thankfully, Dan was able to come home a little earlier than he usually does, so I zipped over to the indoor pool here and frantically swam laps for 25 minutes prior to my date!  I did 32 laps--not quite half a mile, but I was pretty pleased with my effort in such a short amount of time.  Jake and I had a fantastic time on our night out--it was really special and sweet.  I love that crazy monkey!

Date Night with my Knight!  :)

Tuesday was a regular day--I was trying to catch up on laundry and really not feeling well (again/still--not sure if this is allergies?).  It was pouring down rain and Jake had gymnastics that morning, and then it was just the kids and me for dinner that night since Dan was out with his dad for the night.  I was in a funk on Wednesday--not feeling great and not in a good mood (I told Dan I was grouchy...but I couldn't really figure out why, other than being so congested).  Zumba was great that evening, and did it's best to wrench me out of my funk...but I couldn't get out completely.  The water to our house was turned off for half of Thursday because the water company was working on the fire hydrants in our neighborhood, and that really threw me off--I know I use water all day long, but I didn't realize how often I'm turning on the faucet!  Even the little things took way longer, like fixing Abby's lunch that morning and brushing her teeth, because I was using bottled water to wash fruit and rinse her toothbrush.  That got old really fast, but thankfully, the water was back on after lunchtime.

I woke up feeling terrible Friday morning--my throat just can't catch a break with all the drainage all night long...mornings are the worst.  I sadly cancelled my plans to attend a girls' night that night (no need to spread my germs and stay out way past my bedtime!).  I was still planning to go to my regular Zumba class Friday night, but then a friend texted to invite us to dinner--her daughter was dying to see Abby.  I quickly worked out with Dan that if he could come home a little early again, I could get some laps in at the pool, skip my Zumba class, and we could make dinner with friends.  I was really nervous to skip another class, and it's not like me to be so delinquent--skipping step didn't bug me since it's not my favorite thing, but skipping Zumba felt sacrilegious!  I am a little concerned that intentionally skipping one class, even if it was for a good cause, has opened the flood gates for more skipping...hopefully that won't be the case, and last week was just a special circumstance.  I got 40 minutes in the pool on Friday--I was off my game for some reason (probably because they were proctoring a massive lifeguard test to 30 high schoolers in the lane right next to mine), but I swam 44 laps.  Dinner out was a lot of fun--the kids get along really well, and the adults had good conversation as well.  (Funny aside--the couple is actually one of my high school ex-boyfriends and his wife...never in a million years did I imagine Dan and I would be on double-dates with any of my ex-boyfriends, but we love getting together with this couple!  My ex-boyfriend clearly has good taste in women--his wife is awesome!)  I surprised Dan with a date to go see The Great Gatsby on Saturday--it's one of our favorite books, so we've been excited for a new movie ever since we saw the first preview last year!  Dan thought we were just going to spend the day at my parents' house, but I had bought tickets to a matinee showing, and my parents were watching the kids for us.  It was really nice to have a date with my husband AND see a movie on opening weekend!  I can't remember the last time we saw a movie on opening weekend.  I splurged and ate a small popcorn during the movie (we didn't have time to grab lunch beforehand, so I was hungry...)--I should have known that movie theater popcorn (even a small without butter!) has a ridiculous number of calories (480, to be exact).

it was delicious...but so bad for me!

The week--skipping two classes, not feeling well, eating some not-so-healthy things--all stacked up to make me think my Sunday weigh-in would be unsuccessful.  I'm not sure why the scale was so kind to me, although maybe my body appreciated the change that swimming laps offered--I won't be doing that every week (until I'm forced to by Dan's new schedule), but at least I can feel somewhat confident that changing things up won't set me back in my goals.  I was able to have a great Mother's Day with Dan and the kids, without the bummer of a bad weigh-in hanging over me--so that was a good gift!  :)

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