Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 16 Weigh-In

I lost weight again at this week's weigh-in yesterday...but just barely.  I weighed in at 138.2, for a whopping loss of 0.2 pounds!  I am a little surprised by the lack of a bigger loss this week (although hey, a loss is a loss, so I'm not complaining!).  I was just looking back through all my charts on WebMD to try to pinpoint where I could have done better this past week, and I found a few interesting things:

my fitness calorie burn this past week

I think I was woefully inactive early last week, and that probably didn't help me on the scale.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually difficult, because I don't have my exercise classes on those days--but they were especially hard this past week because I felt really, really bad early in the week.  Allergies have gotten the best of me, and I think they morphed into a massive head cold--either that, or my allergies have become horrible, mutant allergies that resemble a head cold.  I just didn't feel like doing anything other than sleep--I was exhausted every day, not sleeping well at night because I couldn't breathe, and pretty much just miserable.  I swear, I should have lost at least 5 pounds of gunk judging by the number of tissues I went through last week!  Jake also decided to wake up at 6 or 6:15am every morning last week because he needed to go to the bathroom--so Dan or I would get up and take him, but then he wouldn't go back to sleep...and when he doesn't sleep, I don't sleep because he's pounding on things and generally making a racket and waking everyone in the house up.  Grrr...  The lack of good sleep was probably a large contributing factor to the number on scale this week.  Friday, I knocked it out of the park on the fitness front because I had Zumba and we also had friends coming over for dinner--so not only did I do my usual Friday vacuuming, but I also touched up the kitchen and the bathrooms and tidied up the clutter around the house.  Our weekend was insanely busy (that's a blog post for later this week--I'm still recovering from all the fun!), so at least my activity level was good over the weekend, too.

my saturated fat levels this past week

My saturated fat levels were really high early last week, too--even though I cut back on the M&M's, I obviously ate too many early in the week...and I didn't cut them out entirely later in the week (except for Wednesday, as you can see!).  My saturated fat levels go through the roof when I eat even a few M&M's...those delicious little things are so packed with bad stuff!  We also ordered pizza last Monday, and I ate it for dinner Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday--so the cheese didn't help me in the saturated fat department.  After looking through all my charts, I'm pretty pleased that I actually lost weight instead of gained this week!  I'm hopeful that I can start this week off a little better--although as you can see, Sunday was rough on the saturated fat front, and also on the calorie front in general...but I will blog about that later this week.  :)

I've already eaten too many M&M's today (those darn things suck me in!), and I'm having a mother-son date night out with Jake tonight, so I just need to be cognizant of what goes in my mouth and not overdo it on the food for the rest of the day.  The date-night also means that I'm skipping my usual step class--the first time since I started the exercise classes in January that I have intentionally missed a night at class...  That makes me nervous, but I'm going to try to hit the pool here in a little bit before my date night with my handsome little guy, so hopefully I'll at least get some calories burned for the day to negate those M&M's!  The bad thing is, I can't negate the saturated fat with exercise, so I just really need to start behaving around the M&M's...

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