Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Loose Ends

I feel like I've thrown a lot of things out there the last few weeks, so I thought I would tie up some loose ends today, in case any of you were curious!

First of all, my best friend Kerry is doing much better, other than the fact that she tried to go back to work today when she should have stayed home recuperating...  She's feeling better, but she still doesn't have her strength back up, so she ended up fainting at work and back at the hospital this morning!  Ugh...at least she's home now, and it was just a case of doing too much too soon.  I still wish I could be there, but hopefully today was the last hospital visit for a while!  I'm trying to convince her to take it easy the rest of the week, but she's stubborn.  :)  She's a teacher, earning her doctorate, and heavily involved in her community as well as her friends--her schedule is usually jam-packed, so I'm selfishly happy that her forced time off has allowed us to talk more the last few weeks than usual.  If I can't be there in person, that's the next best thing!

anyone need a house?

Second, we have been waiting and waiting to hear if the person who expressed interest in purchasing our house in Ohio wanted to move forward with sale.  We just heard from him on Saturday, and he is not ready to purchase anything right now.  I am totally bummed--I kept hoping that since he had searched us out when our house wasn't even on the market, he was seriously interested and would decide to buy the house.  We weren't even thinking about selling the house, but once that idea was on the table and I did all the research, I really felt like it was the best possible outcome for us.  So without this buyer, it's back to the rental market we go...and our current tenants are moving out at the end of this month!  We don't have a lot of time to market and get new folks in, so that means we'll probably be carrying our entire mortgage payment along with our rent for this house for at least a month or two...a little stressful.  The interested buyer did indicate that he might be in a better position to buy something next year, so maybe we'll have another shot at this next year?  I won't hold my breath this time!

Third, my first week using my new cleaning schedule went well (and I've been almost 100% sticking to it...I didn't get the floors Swiffered on Friday...), although I already have some changes I think I need to make for next month.  I was up and down to the basement doing tons of laundry today, and I wasn't able to get it all put away or even folded--so I'm thinking that perhaps I should wash the loads on Sundays and spend Mondays folding and putting away?  I'm not sure, since my other laundry day right now is Thursday--and Thursday and Sunday are pretty close to each other.  I may have to shift laundry days entirely, or be more productive on Mondays--ha!  My in-laws came by the house on Saturday and my mother-in-law commented on how clean the house looked--which makes me think the cleaning schedule has been great, and also that apparently I didn't clean well enough for their previous visits...

my new scale--pretty, huh?

Fourth, I went back and revisited my Challenge #2 Outline post, because I've been failing some of those objectives a bit.  My midnight bedtime has crept back to 1am, which is not good--I love 8 hours of sleep!  And I think I need it, especially since I'm exercising and a lot busier during my days lately...and therefore, a lot more tired.  So I needed the reminder that midnight is my cut off time!  I've also been eating some after 8pm--Dan and I will eat fruit while we watch TV shows, and my new favorite nighttime treat is a banana dipped in melted chocolate!  So at least I'm not eating cupcakes and cookies on the couch, but I still need to make those late-night snacks fewer and farther between--every once in a while is okay, but not every night.  I also have been slacking a little bit on my water intake--I haven't been hitting my 64 ounces a day...and some days, not even close.  I know that's not helping me on the weight-loss front, so I need to be more cognizant of my water throughout the day.  And now that I'm doing these exercise classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I haven't felt the urgency to work out on other days--but I think exercising 4 days a week isn't too much to ask.  I need to do something on my own at least one day a week--either my treadmill, or some strength training...even the stairs!  I just need to suck it up and add another day of exercise to my routine.  I am doing a really great job with my WebMD food journal--everything I eat goes in that thing!  I also measure everything I eat at home, so I'm achieving that objective as well.  I just need to step up my game and keep myself on track.  I've been sucked into weighing myself more frequently as well, which is so bad for my self-esteem...that scale just seems to call out to me...  So I need to restrict myself to only stepping on the scale on Sundays again, if only for my sanity.

will I become a crock pot convert?

And finally, I have to give a shout out to my awesome friend Julie.  Julie and I have been friends since we both tried out for our middle school cheerleading squad--we made the team, and have been friends ever since!  She was one of my bridesmaids at our wedding, and we were so fortunate to live in Ohio in the same city with her while Dan was in law school--she and I had many ice cream dates, and she was at the hospital when Abby was born.  :)  She is now married with a beautiful little girl of her own, and she has been a huge supporter of me in this blog endeavor.  She surprised the heck out of me today when a package from her (by way of Amazon) showed up on my doorstep--inside is a crock pot!  She told me to consider it a contribution to my Good Housewife Project.  :)  So cool and thoughtful--now I need to figure out how to use it!  Thank you, Julie!

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